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SuperCamp - Indonesia

Summer Address:

   Bali, Indonesia
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Off-Season Address:

   Oceanside, California, USA
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SuperCamp helps kids and teens get ready for the world! At SuperCamp, your kids will develop skills that last a lifetime, build confidence in themselves, and enhance their motivation to make things happen. The skills and information they will receive include time management, strategies to improve reading, listening and study skills to help them be successful in school and in life.

They'll also learn to take the steps necessary to reach their goals - whether it's trying out for a new sport, raising their grades, or attending the college of their dreams. Each program teaches study skills that help them succeed in any subject, at any level. They'll learn life skills to help them develop friendships, resolve conflicts and communicate more clearly. They'll also find out how to manage their time and responsibilities, be more in control of their life, make the best choices, and rediscover the joy of learning.

Camp Type:  Residential
Year Established: n/a
Gender: Coed
Age of Campers: 10 to 20 years old
Cost/Week: $1001.00-$2000.00/wk
Religious Affiliation: None
Camp Owner(s): SuperCamp
Camp Director(s): n/a
Nearest Large City:
Off Season Rental: No
Accreditations ?
Camp Focus:
Academic and Pre-College Camps: Creative Writing
Academic and Pre-College Camps: General Academics
Academic and Pre-College Camps: Leadership
Academic and Pre-College Camps: Other Academics
Academic and Pre-College Camps: SAT Prep
Study Abroad and International Camps: Indonesia
Adventure Activities:
  •  Ropes Course

Academic Activities:
  •  SAT Prep

Miscellaneous Activities:
  •  Team Building

June 24 - July 4