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Behavioral Correction Camps

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Behavioral Correction Summer Camps for Kids & Teens

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Contact Us Visit Website Learn More

Reality Ranch Military Camp
Ft. Thomas, Arizona, United States  
Reality Ranch Military Camp provides a challenging, recreational military summer camp experience for young men, ages 10-15.
Kids Camp Orlando
Orlando, Florida, United States  
We are a life and relationship Skills camp. Through interaction we teach a large variety of tools and skills to have better communication and life skills.
Camp Fishing Creek
Lumber City, Georgia, United States  
In a society where values like virtue and honor are being smothered in shades of grey, where can boys go to find their paths into adulthood? Camp Fishing Creek, founded in the black earth and pine for
WhizKid Camp
Hillsboro, OR, Oregon, United States  
Social Whiz Kids brings you WhizKid Camp for children going into 2nd grade to 6th grade who struggle with social skills delays or disabilities. Utilizing an evidence-based program to teach social skil
Re-Creation Retreat
Fredonia, Arizona, United States  
Re-Creation Retreat is a Private School for girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who are experiencing problems within their homes, schools, or community, as well as girls experiencing difficulties with
Airborne Challenge Experience
Farmington, Michigan, United States  
The Airborne Challenge is a rigorous 48 hour experience designed to draw a clear distinction between productive and non-productive thinking patterns, between effective and ineffective problem-solving.
Naples, Idaho, United States  
Ascent is the premier adolescent wilderness program utilizing the base camp approach. The base camp approach allows Ascent to provide unique program features such as; deliberate creative programming,
Outdoor Achievement Group
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States  
The Outdoor Achievement Group, L.L.C., serves mainstream children and adolescents who are struggling with challenging behaviors at home and in the classroom.
reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program
Fall City, Washington, United States  
Launching internet, gaming and tech addicted youth & adults back into the real world. Join us in the here and now!
Beartooth MT Ascent
Powell, Wyoming, United States  
Our adventure-experiential therapies based program helps at-risk Young Men through a mind, body, and spirit approach aimed at the young mans mature emotional development. We offer many first time expe
Rites of Passage Summer Camp Program
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States  
Rites of Passage Summer Program -- June 1st - June 30th 2010 Young men, ages 9-14, will embark on a 4 week journey of self awareness, self motivation, African history and culture, a value system ba
Cameron Home Boys' Camp
Cameron, North Carolina, United States  
The purpose is to provide troubled boys in North Carolina, between 8-15 years of age an opportunity to work out big problems and find a new direction for their lives.
Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp Inc
Otisville, Michigan, United States  
Midcourse Correction runs an outdoor boot camp style youth challenge camp for kids at risk. Our objective is to help incorrigible youth develop self-confidence and respect for themselves and others.