Guard Up - Wizards and Warriors Camp

Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

Join us for an unforgettable adventure this summer at Wizards & Warriors summer camp. Create your own character in an ongoing storyline that never repeats. Choose your special skills and defensive wea

Beginner fencing camps

San Francisco, California, United States

Engarde. Ready? Fence! Want to learn the exciting sport of fencing? Our 5 day camps offer you an introduction to the art of fencing. Learn footwork, how to parry, attack, defend, and bouting!

Vader Adventure

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

We invite you to Olympia's Jedi training camp! You will be trained in the art of fencing to fight the forces of the dark side. Your day includes fencing instruction, challenging games, and mastering t


Burbank, California, United States


February Vacation Swashbuckler Camp

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Come join us during February Vacation for our Swashbuckler Adventure Camp! Students ages 12-18 will learn the art of cinematic swordplay and how movies are made, create their own fight sequences, lea

Fencing Summer Camp

Sandy, Utah, United States

We have fun introductory Camps for Youth ages of boys and girls, of all levels and physical abilities. Our Camps teaches basic fencing behavior, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and of course the basic

Dragon Fencing Academy

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Learn the Olympic sport of fencing for 1 week 1/2 day and full day camps available. All equipment is provided. A mixture of fencing, yoga, martial arts, chess activities, drills, games and movies. w

Renaissance Adventures

Bellingham, Washington, United States

Be the Hero of a Mythic Quest! Active outdoor roleplaying game where kids solve mysteries, read treasure maps, swashbuckle with foes using foam swasher swords.

EFC Beginner Fencing Camps

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Beginner fencing camps that promote the sport of fencing as well as good sportsmanship and physical fitness. 3 Hour camps and Full Day camps.

Salle Green Beginners Fencing Camp

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States

Beginners' Fencing Camp for those who wish to learn the basics of fencing, a modern Olympic sport, or who have recently completed a Beginners' introductory course and wish more practice.


Richmond, California, United States

Beginners are welcome to this fun introduction to fencing! All equipment is provided. Just bring a snack, lunch and sneakers! Learn the time-honored tradition of fencing while having fun. Full-day c