24th Century EdVenture Camps

  • Pleasant Grove, UT
  • Camp Type: Day, Family, Adult
  • Age of Campers: 10 - 14
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1990
  • Accreditations: 4

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The Space Centerís mission is to provide multidisciplinary camps for students ranging in age from ten to fourteen. The camps cover the following disciplines: 1. Science: Students receive instruction/activities of space science in our Discovery Classroom and our Starlab Planetarium. 2. Technology - Humanities - Leadership - Team Building - Music - Drama - Social Science: Campers participate in simulated space missions that take the students hundreds of years into the future on great starships to solve the problems of the future that parallel the problems today and history. These interactive dramas serve to enforce the science education received in the classroom along with the technology of the simulators themselves and the interactive dramas the missions are structured around. The humanities play a major role in the simulator activity. Each mission is structured around the social studies curriculum. The missions blend the social sciences with science and technology creating an experience children never forget. Students are encouraged to see space as the final frontier awaiting discovery. We teach that space isnít just for astronomers and astronauts. Space is limitless in expanse therefore it is limitless in imagination. Space is for the musician, the artist, the writer, the engineer, the computer programmer, the actor, the brick layer, the custodian. We live on a great spaceship called Earth. We are traveling through the cosmos at unbelievable speeds. Our very atoms were created in the vacuum of space in fiery supernova explosions. We want students to leave thinking that space is the future. We want students to leave the Center thinking education is the key to that future. We are not in the business of creating astronauts although many students have expressed a desire to explore that profession after attending our programs. We are in the business of creating a space faring population that embraces the challenge of space and the risks; a population that will support the nationís space programs. We teach the Discipline of What Could Be. We teach the Discipline of Wonder!


  • Huntsman Award, Milkin Award, Christa McAuliife Fellowship, Over 50 different awards from business and government for excellence in education!
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