Actors Movement Studio

  • New York, NY
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Gender of Campers: Coed

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The Williamson Movement Technique is a method of physical training for the actor created by Loyd Williamson, Founder of the Williamson Physical Technique, for actors and of The Williamson Advanced Period Style Project, "The Salon" 

At the Actors Movement Studio, we teach a physical process that focuses on how the body establishes a connection to an imaginary world and how they can shape the behavior that flows out of this connection. We concentrate on freedom in the muscles that control breath; physical balance and alignment; an open throat and clear vibration of sound; and the creation of characters that embody this technique.

The work in its broadest sense is concerned with the physical aspects of communication. This Technique focuses on how the human body operates within the physical aspects of communication. The Technique addresses communication as it relates to two simple and discreet activities:

1. The opening, taking in and receiving of information.

2. The release of behavior in response to an experience.

In order for this exchange to be meaningful, there must be a true connection or contact with another person, circumstance or some other aspect to the environment.

In order to make the connection or contact in the beginning of the artistic process, the senses must be involved. Alternatively, the Technique focuses on how the body processes experiences through the five senses, and stimulates truthful behavior when we are involved with the circumstances and relationships of the imaginary world of a script.

This Technique is unlike any other physical training for the actor due to its focus on the body as a processing tool. This is especially helpful in the creation of the inner life of the actor: the imagination and the emotional connection. The Technique is very useful for opening the actor to his or her own impulses, and freeing them for truthful and vivid behavior.


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