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Blossom Scholastic

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 8 - 12
  • Gender of Campers: Girls
  • Year Established: 2015

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Discover the amazing world of robotics with 4M bots and LEGO. Students can imagine, invent, and build a variety of robots using LEGO's microcomputer brick and kid-friendly drag-and-drop programming system. Working in teams, students innovate and engineer robots to interact with objects, navigate mazes and solve other problems. Robotics are being integrated into every facet of our modern lives from manufacturing to medicine- this hands-on class is ideal to build the problem-solving skills needed for the future!


Explore the world of living things! What makes animals different from each other? How can we classify them? How have they adapted to their environment? Following curriculum developed by the Cincinnati zoo students explore anatomy, biochemistry, animal habitats and ecology. Students will learn the techniques, tools, and methods used by real scientists who study animals and other living things including microscopes and simulation software. This exciting camp is perfect for the aspiring biologist, veterinarian, doctor, or anyone who just loves animals.


Computer We teach girls how to make video games, movies and how to use a Raspberry Pi with Scratch, a programming language specifically developed at MIT to teach computer science to kids. We teach girls to think like a programmer in an intuitive, kid-friendly way. Utilizing the technology of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, these young women will learn how to set up their very own computer and Linux operating system. From there, they will be introduced to the world of open-source software, as well as entry-level programming compilers that are specifically geared towards their age group.

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