• Camp Type: Overnight, Day
  • Age of Campers: 13 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2003

Brewster Academy Summer School (BASS) is both a school and an adventure recreation camp for American and international students ages 13-17. Our Instructional Support elective course is the most popular.

Instructional Support: Learn How to Learn

What is Instructional Support?
Here's what we do in Instructional Support. We set up a unique learning environment in which a maximum of two students work for an hour each day with a professionally trained and experienced Brewster Instructional Support teacher. First, we make a close study of how each student learns, as well as how they organize their time and work space. Then, working in a close collaboration with the student's other elective course teachers, we guide them through the process of optimizing the learning of important skills being taught in that class. Instructional Support is individualized. A student may need writing support, reading comprehension support, and/or time management or organization support. By program's end, each student will have a better understanding as to how they learn best; what their greatest strengths are; where they need to adapt to compensate for a particular learning style or work habit and, most importantly, how to do it. At that point, we expect to see a new level of confidence and ability and a new zest for learning.

A unique opportunity to learn how to learn.
Instructional support is not for everyone, but nothing is more important to the future success and happiness of those who need what this course offers and are in a position to benefit from it. Many of our students have learning styles and habits that serve them well. They come to us to jump ahead, to learn exciting new things not available in their school, or to be exposed to important skills they can't get elsewhere. But others who come are seeking a new beginning, a fresh start that will allow them to achieve their true potential.

Who should enroll?
There are many reasons why some students, including gifted kids, may be performing in school at a level below their potential. Instructional Support at Brewster Academy Summer School can help. Often it's simply a matter of not having established effective study habits. Students who may need extra support with their summer classes or need to improve their study habits should enroll in Instructional Support. Sometimes, however, it's that their natural way of learning differs from the predominant method of teaching and learning at their schools. This is particularly true for kids with ADHD and/or specific learning differences. In those cases, there is a great advantage in coming to understand how one learns best; how to take control of that learning style and use it well; and how to adapt and utilize other methods also. Those students, also, should enroll in Instructional Support.

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