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Business Week OC

  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 17 - 19
  • Gender of Campers: Coed

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 Participants will learn the foundational steps of a developing a business plan, establishing a corporation, raising capital, and recruiting employees.  Importantly, rather than just learning the information in a formal training environment, Business Week strives to be as innovative as the students we are training.  Students will have access to an online business simulation program allowing them to take the reins of a company and see how their decisions affect its performance. Students also take place in a competitive marketing challenge, Inventors Hayday, which puts them in the drivers seat to experience what its really like to create and market a product.

In addition, to make the experience as realistic as possible, most of the trainers for the program are themselves successful entrepreneurs.  They will be able to share with the participants wisdom gained from actual experience converting and idea to a product.   These presenters will discuss some of the following topics:

- The American economic system

- What is capital?

- The challenges of leadership

- Risk management and entrepreneurship

- Taxes and their impact on business decisions

- Ethics in business

- International business

- Money, interest rates, and credit

- Regulations, politics, and government

- Accounting and finance

The Academy of Leadership & Liberty does not just produce leaders.  It produces leaders who are filled with character and embrace ethics.  One primary function of Business Week will be to teach students not only how to start and run a business, but also how to do so in a socially responsible way.  The world does not need more people devoted to making money--it needs more people who are devoted to innovation and making the world a better place.  Business Week OC will seek out the inspired and equip them for service and success.

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