CFCE Therapy Camps

  • Arvada, CO
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: All ages
  • Gender of Campers: Coed

This is a basic camp listing: no contact information is provided.

Our camps utilize conductive education (CE), an intensive therapy to help children with CP and other motor disabilities gain more independent functions. CE focuses on addressing the whole child, combining the aspect of mobility, fine motor skills, communication, daily living skills, and education all in one integrative therapy.  Campers will engage in 3 core programs throughout the camp day that encourage them to use their cognitive and physical potential to gain a maximum level of independence

Many children have improved significantly in several aspects through participation in our program. Here are some comments from parents whose children are involved in CFCE:

“Conductive education has been a wonderful resource for educating me as a parent on techniques and tools to use to teach and assist my child to function on a daily basis at her highest level of independence comfortably and confidently, which has promoted her sense of self-worth and motivation.”

“I love CFCE, because it's so unlike any other therapy we have ever had. My son is pushed to his ability, and then that's carried on at home.”


"The combination of music and motion help the kids learn about how their body works.  The body awareness expands the child's abilities across all forms of learning and development.  It's very purposeful, fun learning, strengthening and growing in a natural way."

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