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Camp Winadu

  • Pittsfield, MA
  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 6 - 15
  • Gender of Campers: Boys
  • Year Established: 1927
  • Accreditations: 1

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Camp Winadu combines the professional instruction of a sports specialty camp with the supervision, camaraderie, life lessons and traditions of a sleep away camp. The combination is unique. 

Winadu is a great choice for boys who love to play sports or want to learn to love sports. Boys of all athletic abilities thrive at Winadu and return year after year. They acquire excellent skills in team and individual sports, make lifelong friends and leave Winadu with enhanced self-esteem and improved social skills. 

Our campers are taught that the most important thing at camp is to always encourage and help their teammates and fellow campers … that is the meaning of our credo: “Team Winadu.” Whether it’s passing the ball to a teammate who has a better shot, complimenting a bunkmate on something he has done well, or singing and cheering together at Campership or Songfest, everything at Winadu revolves around teamwork. Winadu is more than a camp, it’s a team. Every boy at camp is a part of our special team. And, when a team works together, great things happen! 

Winadu’s program is designed to allow each boy to feel successful. Campers with diverse athletic abilities learn new skills and develop a true sense of teamwork and camaraderie as a member of the Winadu camp family. Boys may participate in leagues within camp, Intercampus competitions are de-emphasized, and there are no competitive travel teams that require try-outs. Every boy who wants to play has an opportunity to do so. The emphasis is always on having fun and trying your best, rather than on winning.

We teach only through positive reinforcement, emphasizing the importance of praise. We never have and never will embarrass or punish any camper for making a mistake. A camper who is a beginner or who is struggling to master an activity receives tremendous support and encouragement from his fellow campers and coaches.

We have three goals for every camper:

To have fun

To always try his best

To be a good sport 

We have one rule for our coaches:

To teach every camper that it's OK to make a mistake – to have tried and failed is much better than to not have tried at all. 

The heads of each activity area are seasoned players and high school or college coaches with extensive experience working with children. We do not hire “general counselors”; all of our counselors are college athletes and young physical education teachers who are selected for their interest in working with children and for their skill in a particular sport. 

Because of the quality of our instruction, a novice athlete will see remarkable improvement in his favorite sports and emerge a more confident and independent boy. 

A few of our many clinics and special instructional programs are described below: 

Baseball: We offer four baseball clinics – Catching, Pitching, Hitting and Fielding – that provide daily focused instruction.

Basketball: Basketball instruction is in small groups and instruction is geared to ability. Clinics include Defense (man-to-man, zones and presses); Shooting (use of our special “shooter’s court”); and Weak Hand (allows boys to dribble confidently with either hand). 

Soccer: Learning to play as a member of a team is the goal of our soccer program. A special Goalkeeping coach offers a two-week Goalkeeping clinic. 

Tennis: The youngest campers receive daily tennis instruction to help them learn to love the game. Older boys compete in USTA tournaments.

Our program options add depth and variety and interest. These include:


League Play and Special Tournament Days: Special Sports Days highlight the Winadu program. These full-day tournaments, including NBA Day, NFL Day and MLS Days, give every boy a chance to practice newly acquired skills. In addition to recognizing the winning team, awards are given to campers who exhibit special traits of character. For each tournament, there is the “Blue Collar Award” for the boy who works the hardest; a “Sportsmanship Award,” a “Leadership Award”, the “Most Improved Player Award” and the “IF” (Intestinal Fortitude) award. 

Mini-Sports Week: A three-day program allowing older campers to focus on a sport and to experience college-style training in the sport of his choice. It includes four or five periods of instruction in team and individual sports including tennis, swimming and waterfront. 

Special Coaches: Every year, special guest coaches add to the learning and excitement. Past visitors include former NY Yankees pitcher Jack Aker, Duke Basketball legend Jay Williams and NBA star Speedy Claxton. 

Professional Golf and Ice Hockey Instruction: Winadu offers golf and ice hockey “camps within a camp”. Campers in the Golf program “hit the links” 4 to 5 times per week. The Ice Hockey program provides 12 two-hour sessions during the summer. Bill Kangas, longtime Varsity Hockey Coach at Williams College, directs and personally supervises the program, along with guest coaches. 

Our wide variety of high-quality facilities supports our sports instruction. These facilities, which we believe are the finest of any summer camp, include: 

Winadu provides specialty sports camp quality instruction AND the experience of traditional sleepaway camp by focusing on the right things. Our program isn’t just about sports; it’s about cabin life, bonding with fellow campers and counselors, and experiencing the joy and surprise found at the best sleep away camps.

Winadu’s program incorporates the fun, camaraderie and spirit of traditional camp, special events and evening programs


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