• Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 6 - 12
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2005

Our children need to be creators, not just consumers, when it comes to technology. As our world becomes increasingly more tech-dependent, the best way to ensure future success is for children to become tech-savvy today. However, we want our students to go beyond being able to teach us how to change the wallpaper on our iPhone! They need to learn the language of technology, so that when they grow up, they can create and contribute with the best of them. 

Dream Classes is proud to introduce THREE NEW Tech Summer Camps: now your child get on their way to learning what they need to know to create, innovate, and dream in the tech world of tomorrow! 

Honeycode: Meet the Ozobots  (Ages 6-12)

These right brain-left brain integrating bots build both creativity and coding skills in young learners. Students will program the Ozobot Bits by drawing codable pathways and then continue on to program the robots using block-coding on tablets. In addition to the Bots, students will program using Scratch, a block-based programming language created by the MIT media lab. Throughout the week students will develop skills in problem solving, sequencing, logic, teamwork and engineering. They even get to design and program their own Ozobot Challenge!


Junior Robotics with Lego WeDO 2.0 (Ages 7-12)

Shift your child’s love of LEGO into the next gear! Campers will build and program LEGO robots to think, move, and react through a series of automation challenges. Campers use dedicated laptops and LEGO WEDO robotics kits to learn several aspects of engineering: automation, problem-solving, and programming. While LEGO robots remain at camp, photos of all robots and LEGO creations are presented at the end of the week, and project photos are sent home after camp.


Stop Motion Animation Camp: Create your own LEGO Movie! (Ages 8-12)

Lights, Camera, LEGO! Produce a LEGO stop-motion animation movie with us this summer! Use LEGO bricks, LEGO minifigures, and iKITMovie or Dragonframe video-capture software to bring your LEGO dreams to life. Campers will express their creativity by developing stories with different characters, backgrounds, and sounds! Here we’re learn how to make characters move naturally on screen, how to add artificial sounds, as well as overlay explosions! Movies produced in camp will be saved on a complimentary USB drive, to share with friends and family after camp!

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