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Fashion Extravaganza Camp

  • White Plains, NY
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 6 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Coed

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"Fashion Extravaganza Day Camp”
  A one of a kind fashion day camp – Fashion Extravaganza has been in existence since 2005 and has gotten quite popular! This program was developed by a fashion designer along with fashion industry assistance. With Project Runway, The Red Carpet and many of the computer fashion sites, this is a step forward for children who want to experience the real environment!  Using the actual designers experience we have carefully put together a program that emulates being an actual designer in a design studio. Each week the camper, as the designer is given projects to design, we the staff take on the position as the head stylist that guide their  creations (as the stylist does) through trend boards, journeys through  various music ,nature and studying many cultures that often times gives designers their thought process for a collection. We also view the collections of many designer shows.
Campers/designers share an actual design studio of the fashion designer. They are surrounded by textiles (fabrics) ,mannequins, fashion tools of the trade, colors, the designers sketches and the designers collection of beautiful gowns .They often design on an old turn of the century carved table with colorful collaged chairs. COME JOIN US!
Ages: 9-17yrs  $600-$1200

"Camp Fashionagery" creative children design their models and the clothing, wigs, handbags and shoes to go with her look. Designing on Mannequins, Painting Fabrics, Tissue Textile, Sketching Clothes Designs, Embellishing T-Shirts, Creating Slippers ! Hours & Hours of fun changing clothes their hair and handbags with the shoes.
Ages 6-8yrs  Cost is $350 wk

Fashionista Birthday Party -A unique experience for that special child that loves fashion design!
Our designer has carefully chosen 4 creative areas that the children can spend hours having a ball. Choose from below how you want to spend your special designing day!
Grab 12-30 of your closest friends (depending on the type of party) and let’s design.
For an hour and a half you will surround yourself with our music from many cultures or bring your own to fill up the atmosphere with inspiration. Then be lead by a fashion specialist in one of four areas.

-Share the secrets of Seventh Avenue and learn Fashion Design Sketching  how  they put their ideas down on Bristol. You and your buds will learn how to properly sketch a category of design ideas. The Birthday girl/guy chooses the design area and the children designers create a colorful finished piece that they each take home hang up and be proud of.

-If you like more of the "Bling" then Jewelry Making  creating  designs with sparkling "OOlala" may be of interest to you. Put your own combinations together to tell your story! You will have access to gems, sequins, beads, metal pieces, stones, pearls, ornaments, clasps, spring loops etc to grace your neck and wrist. Yes make a necklace and bracelet.

-This area has always touched the hearts of the children designers especially when they walk out proud of their original Poncho  Design  that they've created, embellished, sewn, and painted.
(We suggest that the poncho design be limited to a party of 10 guests at ages 10 and up)

-Culture Party children get a taste of India and how to wear a sari shown and demonstrated by an authentic native of Southern India, this Sari takes 12 yards to wrap and is very beautiful
Or travel to the West Coast of Africa, through dancing!

West African Dancing & Drumming  with a leading authentic dance instructor from Senegal where the party girls wear the Native Lapa (wrap skirt) and have tons of fun dancing to the drums and showing their skills keeping up with the dance instructor . (This party is only held on Sundays).
Come and share your day with the designer and your closest friends. Depending on the party we can accommodate up to 30 children.

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