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February Vacation Swashbuckler Camp

  • Worcester, MA
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 12 - 18
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1998

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Camp will be run by Head Coach Doug Jacobs. Doug has been arranging fights for professional and amateur theatre for about 20 years. Campers will learn the subtle art of kicking, punching, throat slashing, disemboweling, cutting, stabbing, pummeling, etc., in such as way as to thrill an audience, and to have all the actors live to tell about it. The class day will comprise safety, drills, safety, movies, safety, lunch, safety, practical work, safety, acting tips, and just to be safe: more safety.

The concept for our camps is that the campers make and star in their own swashbuckling movie! Each day, to give the campers a sense of what we are trying to achieve, they watch one classic swashbuckler movie all the way through. They spend time learning how to safely perform stage fighting. The campers, with assistance from the coach, develop their own fights. In addition to the one big movie, during the course of each day Doug shows many clips from the club's extensive movie collection in order to illustrate particular styles, techniques, or even things to avoid (or simply to amuse the campers). The campers also help to build dramatic sets because at the end of the week, we have a local film-maker come in to make an original film starring the campers. All campers receive a copy of the movie after we show it at the premier gala.

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