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Horses?? Do we have Horses!!

  • Lawrence, MI
  • Camp Type: Overnight, Day
  • Age of Campers: 8 - 16
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1964
  • Accreditations: 3

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Cedar Lodge is a small, coed camp located in southwest Michigan. It has been in existence since 1964 and has been run by the Edwards family for 42 years. Cedar Lodge is proud of it’s small, relaxed good natured atmosphere. It believes in creating an environment where children can relax, be themselves, meet new friends and improve themselves by developing new skills and improving on old ones. At Cedar Lodge, we are proud to be part of that experience.

Camp Cedar Lodge shares the camp’s grounds with Cedar Lodge Stables; a competitive Hunter/Jumper show stable that is open year around. This unique partnership provides Camp Cedar Lodge with the opportunity to offer an almost unlimited English riding experience for the beginners to the advanced.

Every camper that signs up for camp is automatically eligible for the “Basic Riding Program" This program is geared for the beginner rider who is not sure just how much horse riding they want in their camp experience.

Campers that come to camp for our riding programs are encouraged to sign up for the “Full Riding Program” For an extra fee, members of the Full Riding Program are eligible for:

  • 5 riding lessons per week: Riders are tested on Sunday and grouped by age and ability. Class size is kept small, no more than 5 in a class.
  • Practice, Specialty or Trail Ride: 6th riding day weekly of one of the above. Cedar Lodge is situated on 150 wooded and fielded areas. This makes it an ideal location for a relaxing occasional walk in the woods.
  • Afternoon Rides: Sign up for Specialty, Practice or Polo rides. Cedar Lodge offers afternoon second rides for Full Riding program participants. These rides may be: A Practice ride-A supervised ride where you can work on the things that you have learned in your class. A Specialty Ride- and instructional ride, more on the fun side. These activities may be drill team, games or bareback riding. Polo-For walk/trot/canter students, this class is taught from the beginner polo player stand point.
  • Ground Lessons:Daily lectures on everything to do with horses BUT riding. Campers that participate in ground lessons can work through 4 certification levels on their way to greater knowledge about the equines they hold dear.
  • Vaulting:Cedar Lodge has had Vaulting (gymnastics on horse back) in their program for 25 years. It is such a popular program (for the beginner riding student, through the advanced) that it is offered at least twice daily. Cedar Lodge’s vaulting program has grown tremendously over the last several years and recently has branched into a year around Vaulting team (made up of Campers and year around stable clients) that is starting to vault in local competitions.
  • Horse Overnights: All campers that are in the Full Riding program for 2 weeks are eligible for a Horse Overnight. Campers leave before supper, ride the trails up to “Star Hill”, tether the horses, and sleep under the stars (or under the tent, weather deciding), for the night. Everyone is home for a camp breakfast the next morning in time for their riding classes.

Isn’t that enough? But that’s not all!

  • Cedar Lodge Show Team: For campers that qualify Cedar Lodge offers a more extensive riding experience. Campers are assigned their own horse for a week, ride in lessons twice a day with Chris Cochrane, our Show Team Director, and at the end of the week, travel off grounds to a LMHJA local circuit horse show. This program is very popular with campers that are jumping over 2 foot, and either are showing at home, have their own horse, are thinking of buying their own horse or are trying showing for the first time.
  • Cedar Lodge Horse Lover’s Week:
    For those that want a more extensive experience than what is offered by the Full Riding Program, Cedar Lodge offers a Horse lover’s week the last week of summer camp. Campers in this program are assigned their own horse for the week, ride in two lessons and attend two ground lessons daily with Chris Cochrane, our Show Team Director.
  • Camper Horse Boarding: For and additional fee, campers that choose may bring their own horse for their stay at camp. Though most campers use Cedar Lodge horses during their stay, there is a group each week that bring their own. These horses must be able to be ridden in the camper’s daily riding lesson to qualify for a Full Riding Program discount.

Cedar Lodge Stables owns it’s own string of horses. Camp Cedar Lodge usually has a string of 22-28 school horses at it’s disposal, but Cedar Lodge Stables owns an additional 5-7 that can be used when warranted. Cedar Lodge horses range in ability from the “baby sitter” for the first time rider to the advanced show ring horse. They are purchased for their athletic ability, their gaits and their dispositions. A Cedar Lodge horse that works out in our program has a home for life, represented by the fact that each school horse has it’s own page on the Cedar Lodge web site that explains a bit about them and their unique story. 


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