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International Riding Camp

  • Greenfield Park, NY
  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 7 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Girls
  • Year Established: 1978
  • Accreditations: 1

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The International Riding Camp was established in 1978 for girls who love horses and riding. 


  • ACA
4.33333333333333 9

Our daughter attending this past summer for her first time. Her original sign up was to be 3 weeks. 5 weeks later, we insisted on picking her up ;) She would have been a permanent resident, if allowed. She refers to her time at IRC, as the best summer EVER!! She is anxiously awaiting her return, next summer.


Truly a magical place!! My daughter had the best time. She's been going for 2 summers. It has been the best experience for her The owners are amazing. The counselors are amazing. The food is amazing!! The riding is amazing!! Best camp ever!!


Our daughter has attended the decades-old IRC twice (for a total of 5 weeks) and will go next year and the next... She absolutely loves it. Every time I pick her up, I'm surprized by how much she's learned and by how capable and independent she's become. This is a perfect place for girls who love horses, with a wide range of additional activities. The setting is idyllic and a great antidote for all of those hours spent inside a classroom the rest of the year. The IRC has high standards for the health and safety of the girls as well as the horses. It is an excellent value for money. At least where I live, I would pay about the same amount as the camp fees for the riding lessons alone, without food, housing, tennis lessons, swimming, water-skiing, etc. My daughter loves the food, which I also found quite tasty. The well-trained staff is delightful, caring and truly international. I'm always impressed how easily the girls make friends and stay in touch. Our communications with the IRC have been promptly answered and arrangements for our daughter's stay have gone very smoothly. There's a wonderful atmosphere at the camp. The director and his lovely wife (who is a superb pianist)are thoughtful and attentive. No wonder our daughter never wants to leave at the end of camp!


Third time my daughter has been there. I would highly recommend it. She became a much more accomplished and confident rider, as well as meeting a whole new network of friends from different places. Taking the phones away I always felt was great idea, it forces the girls to venture out and meet new friends and actually communicate. The food was fine and the other activities they do are also a plus.


Our Daughter has been twice ,The first time she was 8 and its was her first camp away ,I think its much harder for us as parent to let our daughter start become her own person, But she had a specific interest Horses and she kept her eye on the prize and got throughout the 2 weeks mWhat speaks louder than anything i could post here is she asked to back this summer and we agreed to let her go for 3 weeks,We felt she had the right over site and safety ,She had a wonderful time socializing with girls of different ages and from all over the world ,riding for 3 hours a day can't be replaced by visits to local rising stables at weekends,She came out stronger and more confident as a person and loved her time there ,She also learned to water ski and roller blade ,See you next year !


horses are good (which is the important part!), horse facilities are good - nice cross country course and fences, camp housing facilities are dated, it's probably not much different than any catskill camp. my daughter had a great time and would go back. mixed reviews on the food but she's picky so I couldn't tell you without seeing myself - maybe it was too healthy for her american diet tastes. riding instruction was good and she's been to quite a few places and done some big shows so she would know (she's 16)


My daughter has been going here for 2 years. It is a wonderful camp for serious riders who want to get better in a short amount of time and is available for all riding levels. She had the opportunity to ride 3 hours a day and become such an advanced rider. The staff are amazing! This is such an outstanding camp!!


I thought this camp was great! The bunks were old, but also kinda cozy, you could see all the writing from the other campers and it was interesting to read. I was a C.I.T last summer, and although getting up early was rough, it was super fun to work with the horses all day! They're all really sweet and really great to ride. I did find the fact that we weren't allowed to keep our phones with us annoying - it would've been nice to keep my mom constantly updated on things instead of calling her and trying to remember what happened that week for most of our phone time (an hour) on Saturdays. The counsellors were all really nice, and it was awesome to work with them all at the barn. The other campers were also awesome - they were all so easy to talk to and some of them became really close friends of mine.


This camp was very disappointing. The staff of counselors were generally on their phone and not watching the girls. The campers are not allowed to keep their phone (except for the 1 phone hour on Saturday). They should have also taken the counselors' phone too so that they could focus their attention on the campers. The facilities were very cramped, dirty with graffiti on the bunks and very dated. The cabins were filled with flies and were too hot. It was difficult for the girls to sleep. The activities were not what was described and advertised. There was no pottery and arts & craft consisted of a bin of odd & ends materials and the girls were just told to "do whatever you want." The food was bland with no variety. The drinking water smelled of chlorine. You also need to deposit additional money in their spending account for activities which should be included in the price of the camp. For example, they go on trips to the movies, skating rink, and amusement parks, that you would have to pay for in addition to the already hefty camp price. The horses were not cared for as many were thin where you could see their ribs and were overworked. The director seemed more concerned with money than taking care of our daughter. Very disappointed.

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