Notre Dame Summer Camp

  • New York City, NY
  • Camp Type: Day, Teen Tours & Travel
  • Age of Campers: 11 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Girls
  • Year Established: 2006

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Notre Dame’s Summer Camp offers various activities specially suited for the personal development of girls from Junior High to High School. It gives them the opportunity to experience first hand the exciting phase of high school life, through the guidance of highly competent and talented instructors in their own special fields of expertise. Eight specialized courses have been designed for this purpose, namely: Introduction to Art; Sports and Nutrition; Language Arts and Composition; Math; Web Design; Summer Reading; NYC Experience; and Theater Class.

Morning Session:

• Introduction to Art - students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively by using various means of media, art techniques, and methods, under the tutelage of a professional artist.

• Sports and Nutrition gives students the opportunity to specialize on specific sport skill and work on fitness to enhance their endurance. This course could help prepare your daughter for participation on a competitive Notre Dame Varsity sport team.

• Language Arts and Composition - students can team up with an experienced teacher that will help them excel during the school year.

• Mathematics, this course will further develop the student’s math knowledge in preparation for high school.

• Web Design allows students to be familiar with the creation and management of web pages and web sites.

• Summer Reading - students will be prepared for their fall English classes, while enjoying a relaxed, social summer session full of fun book talk.

Afternoon Session:

• NYC Experience - where students will take part in a unique community service one day a week with New York City Cares. Some of the activities include visiting NYC’s museums, and having fun while participating in activities such as fishing and bowling.

• Theater Class (Drama) - students will further develop their self-expression and creativity by engaging in a free-spirited introduction to theater through drama, music, movement and the visual arts. We would like you to take advantage of this opportunity to enrich your child’s education in a well-rounded summer program.

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