Operation Leadership

  • Black Mountain, NC
  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 13 - 19
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2015

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Your child is driven by very real dreams. He or she wants every edge, every advantage, to achieving those dreams. Now is the time to provide that edge. Life is hectic now. But you and I know that the future does not get quieter or more flexible. You want to provide the most essential developmental advantages now!Your kid is smart. He or she has no problem grasping any topic that is interesting. But that is the key word: interesting. You know all too well that people, and especially teenagers, learn best in a relevant and exciting environment. It is not enough to give a couple of lectures while fighting for the attention of your listeners. Effective education is entertaining, involved, and intensive. It is not general or basic. It is personal, interactive, and specifically applicable. It isn’t easy or dumbed down. It is able to elevate the student to his or her maximum learning potential. 

The concepts and skills of leadership make this style of education even more important. Leadership is not easy. It is a complex science, too big for a weekend seminar or a graduation speech. It is too complex and flexible to be contained in a book. It is too personal to be generalized. Leadership education must be an experience! 

A premium summer camp adventure is the ultimate delivery vehicle. By joining advanced educational programming and inspiring keynote speakers with the facilities for leadership activities and exercises, “Operation Leadership” provides the most fun and effective leadership education program available. When you combine this foundation with musical concerts, incredible adventure experiences, and outdoor activities, with the best staff and in the safest and most professionally operated camp environment available, you have a truly one-of-a-kind experience. All of this combines for the two weeks of a lifetime.

Imagine your son on a breezy Friday morning in the mountains being mentored by a heroic military leader.

Imagine Wednesday, as he travels for hours over the treetops on the steepest and fastest zipline in the country. 

Picture your entrepreneurial daughter leading her team in the development of a people-based leadership model for her dream company, before tackling the challenges of an advanced team-building ropes course. 

Imagine your future commander, CEO, pastor, or teacher, recharging from intensive teaching sessions by playing ball, swimming, hanging out in the coffee shop, or biking through the mountains with his team. 

Imagine the cries of laughter and the cheers of an outdoor concert or karaoke night. 

Imagine the lifelong support of like-minded friends and mentors, with relationships built in intense struggle and shared adventure. 

This is an experience set apart for the movers, the shakers, the transformers of the next generation. It is an accomplishment for the college and professional portfolio. It is an opportunity to build a community of friends that will likely contribute to future success. This is what summer camp always should have been. This is Operation Leadership. 


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