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Steve & Kate's Camp: New York City

  • New York - Upper East Side, NY
  • Brooklyn - Williamsburg, NY
  • New York - Kips Bay, NY
  • Brooklyn - Carroll Gardens, NY
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 4 - 12
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1980

Our Camp Conforms to Kids...Not the other way around

Instead of a rigid structure, we give our campers choice. Instead of teaching kids the typical way, we give them tools and gentle guidance to help them become autodidacts. The difference is subtle–and it’s profound.

At Steve & Kate’s, campers step into a world packed with possibilities: for experiencing new sensations, for expressing themselves, for exploring their passions and potential. The results are unexpected and they’re unexpectedly rich. One camper dives deep into stop-motion animation. Another discovers a passion for dance. Or chess. A camper becomes engrossed in making the perfect bread. Or developing Leo Messi-like touch on the soccer pitch. These discoveries are all the more exhilarating because campers make them for themselves. This is a world liberated from adult judgments and expectations, and campers flourish in it.

After 36 years, we’re still 100 percent obsessed with making each edition of Steve & Kate’s freer, fresher and more effective at inspiring campers to zero in on what makes them truly happy.

–Steve & Kate

Boundless opportunities for inspiration

The schedule of the day is set up to create a balance of free choice, all-camp spirit events and times where kids take a break from the action to get to know each other and their counselors. Whether a child is shy or a US President in the making, attending with or without friends, we support kids in whichever way they need to connect with each other and the dozens of activities that we offer throughout the summer. 

Nestled within camp are six mighty art and technology studios; Music, Style, Breadmaking, Animation, Dance, and Coding. (We named them “Studios” because “Cool Spaces Where Kids Explore Without Limits and Create Anything They Want with State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment” was a tad too long.) Campers go to the studios they’re drawn to, because we realize when they decide what they want to do, they do it better. Whether making real denim jeans, custom web apps, or a fully choreographed music video, our counselors champion creativity free from adult judgment. As a result, your kids become more engaged, emerge with a greater sense of accomplishment and create projects you’ll actually want to display in your home. Or at work. Or on a constant video loop in the background at dinner parties. All studios take place everyday, at all locations.

We move mountains, so you can climb them. Weekly Specials bring the wow factor to camp for a week at a time—Zorb inflatable hamster wheels, rock climbing walls, and water slides are just a few in our line-up. 

Expect the unexpected. Spontaneous Shows happen once a week; we drop a show stopper on the kids—could be a reptile show with a blue tongue skink, a stage combat workshop led by child actors, or performances by a young dance troupe. 

All specials vary by location so check out your location for details.

There’s nothing exciting about anything that comes in a brown paper bag. That’s why we include five-course meals with the help of a few chef friends that you may have seen on the tube. Yes, lunch is included in the camp fee—snacks too. We want kids to acquire a craving for healthier foods and develop a taste for different cultures.

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    Steve & Kate’s Camp has dozens of locations across 10 states and DC, so no matter where life takes you this summer, there should be one near you. As well as convenient locations, we’ll do you one better. You can attend any location that is still accepting registrations at the time you enroll. No need for advance notice.

    Membership and Day Passes
    You can buy any number of Day Passes, use them whenever you want, and get an automatic refund for unused passes. If you need the whole summer, we’ve got a Membership too. You don’t even need to tell us when you’re coming. As long as you have Day Passes or Memberships in your account, you can just show up! Everything is included–lunch, all hours 7:30am to 6pm, and materials. Now peace of mind can be attained without having to get into a downward dog pose. Namaste.

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