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  • Camp Type: Overnight
  • Age of Campers: 8 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Boys
  • Year Established: 2001
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The best decision we ever made for our son Vince was to enroll him in Summer Success Camp. Like many strong willed kids, our son was a loner, finding it impossible to keep friends. While at camp, he was forced to interact with other kids, and his social skills improved to a tremendous degree, doing wonders for his confidence and self esteem. The camp, which is supervised 24/7, was also the ideal time and place to eliminate the meds we had been giving him for several years. At the conclusion of the camp, our son was transformed to the extent that we referred to him as Vince version 2.0. That was four years ago. He has been med free ever since, and he is doing better than ever. Jon Dehner Jacksonville, FL


This camp is an important, effective element of a very comprehensive program to address unwanted child behavior in the home. At camp the kids are provided guidance, structure and consistency that enables them to learn to make better choices when they return home. A major emphasis is to teach parents to make necessary changes in their parenting and that training, with ongoing support, provides the foundation for real long term changes in behaior. This is a change in lifestyle, It is not an easy task for the parents and 95 percent of the emphasis is on empowering parents to continue and solidify the changea in their child's behavior brought about during the camp. This program works if the parent works it consistently and with lots of support. Every opportunity is provided in the form of coaching and suppirt to truly empower parents to establush peace and order in the home. The onerous is on the parents to provide for continued success in the home. We are so fortunate to have this camp and program right here in Jacksonville. Desparate parents from all over the country have sought help through the program and this camp. The city of Jacksoncille and many other munipalities, sherrif departmentt, juvenile justice departments have embraced this progrqm and for very good reason, it works.


With help from the PHC I was able to change my behavior and help save my daughter from a dangerous path. Thanks to weekly support and Summer success camp she is a happy, productive teenager. I could not have done this without guidance. There are no shortcuts and the successes are worth every penny. This was much less expensive than I would have paid if she entered juvenile.

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