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Summer Camp at KinderCare-NJ

  • Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 3 - 12
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Accreditations: 4

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Get set for a thrill-filled summer! Our age-specific, kid-approved camps add up to a season of discovery and fun for preschool to school-age children. This year, our 12 weeks of camps fall into six great themes: Mighty Bodies, Bendy Brains; Awesome Art; Gravity Galore and More; The Wondrous World of Food; Wild about Water; and Featured Creatures. We’re in session when your local public schools are on break — and you’ll find our flexible scheduling works for your busy family. See why our summer (and winter and spring) break camps are the place to be when school’s out.


Wild About Water

Dive into the sometimes-surprising ways of water!



Water Here, There, Everywhere Spend two weeks cooling off with water games and relays while learning amazing facts about this awesome liquid! 



Waterworks (Week 1) Find out why we need water to live in this far-from-dry week where water stars in experiments, cooking, games, and art! Splashdown! (Week 2) Welcome warm, sunny days: spend a week exploring the wonders of water through tons of games and experiments!



Mighty Bodies, Bendy Brains

Uncover the secrets behind spectacular sports and fitness fun!



Get a Move On Get ready for two weeks of using and improving your kicking, throwing, jumping, stretching, and healthy-eating skills! 



Sports Sleuths (Week 1) Exercise your body and brain as you explore the science of sports during a week filled with moving and grooving! Fantastic Fitness (Week 2) Jumpstart your health AND creativity with a week of learning about muscle memory, creating healthy habits, and more!



The Wondrous World of Food

Navigate your way to a love of healthy foods and cooking!



Fruity Feasts and Vegetable Treats Shake up your summer with amazing cooking and baking experiences where tasty fruits and vegetables are the stars!



From Seed to Table (Week 1) Dig in for a week of surprises about beans, seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables — and learn how to make healthy snacks! Once Upon a Mealtime (Week 2) See how stories about food can teach us tons about science and cooking during a week of creating delicious, nutritious treats!



Featured Creatures

Safari to the secret lives of hoppers, climbers, crawlers, and leapers!



Animal Academy Discover if you go bonkers for beaks during two weeks of exploring how farm and wild animals live, move, eat, and more!



Creepy Crawlies (Week 1) Spend a week studying invertebrates as you go bug hunting, spin spidery webs, turn fruits and vegetables into bug-shaped snacks, and more! Spiny Specimens (Week 2) Feel your imagination soar during a week of activities that mix fun with facts about vertebrate animals including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals!



Awesome Art

Travel back in time to learn about art, then dream up creative masterpieces! 



Art-Tastic Find the artist inside you during two colorful weeks of exploring line, shape, color, texture, and more!



Ancient Drawings to Modern Doodles (Week 1) Spend a week learning about Greek story vases, prehistoric cave paintings, graffiti art, and doodles — then create yours! Eye-Popping Art (Week 2) Take a closer look at famous artists and their artistic styles during a week where you’ll use sponges, toothbrushes, and more to create YOUR art!



Gravity Galore and More

Float up, up, and away to a place where science is the star!



Astro Adventures Discover how two weeks of learning about stars, moons, planets, comets, and space travel makes you feel closer to outer space! 



Destination Mars (Week 1) Prepare to blast off to a fun-filled week featuring Mars, space gardens, star cookies, and the solar system! Tricky Science (Week 2) Experience a week of hocus pocus with a science focus as you make water disappear, defy gravity, and trick your brain!



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