Summer SAT Camp for Girls

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 14 - 19
  • Gender of Campers: Girls
  • Year Established: 2004

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Mathtopian Preparation, Inc. is pleased to announce our Summer SAT Camp for Girls.  Female students can achieve the same level of success as their male counterparts on the SAT when they have female educators to serve as their teachers and mentors.  But they must start early!   The average SAT score historically has been higher for boys than girls.  In particular, boys consistently outscore on the mathematics section of the exam by about 30 points.  Although the SAT is supposed to be an indicator of student performance in the freshman year of college, girls have higher freshman GPA’s.  Nevertheless, girls must do well on the SAT because colleges still use these test results to determine who they will admit.

Many girls who struggle with the SAT simply lack confidence, organization and guidance.  Early SAT preparation provides students the opportunity to become familiar with the test environment as well as the types of questions asked.  In fact, there is evidence that as a version of the SAT gets older, the number of perfect scores increase.  Thus, contrary to College Board’s assertions, it is most definitely possible to effectively prep for the exam.   As coaches become more intimately acquainted with the types of questions historically given, it makes sense that they can better prepare their students.

Mathtopian Preparation, a California-based tutoring and prep center created to give all students an equal chance to excel in the academic area of their choice.
 We offer highly customized and personalized attention and are especially interested in mentoring young women to become leaders in the 21st Century.  To achieve that goal, Mathtopian Preparation pairs tomorrow’s female scientists, engineers, and mathematicians with female mentors. For our female students, having female teachers to educate and mentor them as role models is extremely empowering.

Mathematics can be a barrier to access to higher education and limit a student’s career options.   We are committed to helping students attack the SAT so that they can move on to better things in life.

So when to start prepping?  As early as possible!  Students should begin the summer before their sophomore year.  By the time they sit for the actual exam in the spring of their junior year, they are mentally prepared and not afraid of the test.

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