Summer performing arts camp

  • West Jordan, UT
  • Camp Type: Day
  • Age of Campers: 6 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Coed

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camp experience- Creative Character Movement Students will begin each day with the creative movement class. They will explore new ways to successfully portray emotions, thoughts and feelings as they learn to interpret their world through creative movement. Fundamental techniques and exercises will be introduced to increase awareness of the human form and how it can be useful when telling a story, portraying a character or discovering new potentials. Physical interpretation of emotion, thought and energy through the body is key. Campers learn to apply these important lessons to every class that follows in this distinctive performing arts camp. The Principals of Acting This class will prepare each student for their moment in the spot light. Every camper will want to get involved and participate when class begins with interactive theatre games, fun exercises and whacky improvisation. These are effective tools that promote creativity, team work, trust and confidence and are the hallmark of the class. Campers will learn techniques for building a character to ensure a more convincing portrayal. They will work to memorize lines and polish their delivery. Technical Terms and warm up exercises every actor needs to know will be introduced then reviewed and practiced daily to enhance talent and professionalism. Fundamentals in Dance This class will introduce campers to the fundamentals of Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Ball room and will re- energize the afternoon. A performing artist is more valuable when they are considered a “triple threat” and knowledge of many art forms will have far reaching and positive influence in a person’s life. The art of dance is one of the most respected and physically demanding ever created. This class will build knowledge and understanding, increase endurance, coordination and flexibility in an invigorating and creative studio setting. Good technique is paramount to the serious dancer, yet all levels of experience will benefit from this exciting and informative class. Voice/Singing Find your inner Diva! Students will be introduced to the components behind proper vocal technique. This method will teach students that it will be no more difficult to sing than it is to speak. Using a variety of exercises that are proven, campers will find their own voice, rhythm and style. The technique or method is called Speech Level Singing. This method allows a person to sing in any style they choose and still benefit. Camp emphasis will be placed on ear training and breath support. All campers will learn fun and creative songs, rhythm exercises and will perform onstage for family and friends at the end of week recital. Tryout’s/Auditioning (production) This class will introduce campers to the skills of auditioning for stage and film productions. Prepare to dazzle the Director at your next audition with your talent, professionalism and good taste! - Students will learn how to find and choose the right monologue or musical selection that is right for them. They will learn well the “do’s and don’ts” at an audition and camp directors will work hard so they will never forget them. All participants will be coached on their audition pieces by camp directors. They will help refine their skills and help land that role. Theatrical Technical Aspects (production) Ever wanted to be a wizard? No, not that kind; the one that is behind the scenes making the lights and sound happen at just the right moment, magically. This course introduces students to the art of stage lighting, sound design and special effect techniques. All students will benefit from this course and gain better understanding of what to expect back stage and what production means to the actor. Campers will also learn valuable lessons on what to expect during the dreaded “Tech Week”. Stage Works (production) This class is an informative overview of what it takes to produce a show. Students will be cast in many different roles essential for producing a stage performance and the importance of each role. This gives the actor an understanding of behind the scenes activities which makes them better actors and someone directors will love to work with. In addition, students will gain experience writing scripts for scenes, costume design and proper etiquette will be addressed. Theatrical make up, special effects and the essentials of set design are introduced in this "hands on" training experience. Directing techniques and styles will be introduced to the more advanced campers. Stage Combat (a camp favorite for everyone!) Students will have the rare opportunity to engage in friendly combat in a structured setting to promote and encourage team work and develops coordination, timing and skill. Students follow mandatory safety rules presented at the beginning of each class. Campers are divided into groups as they practice choreography and technique for their stunts. All campers are supervised closely and no real weapons are used. A marked increase in the ability to follow instruction as well as focus, trust, self-confidence and commitment are only a few of the benefits gained in this class. Campers will demonstrate their knowledge and skill for special guests when they take the stage at the end of week recital. Film This class is recommended for any actor who wants to be in Movies. Students will explore what it takes to be successful in "the business." Students learn how to demonstrate subtle acting styles and techniques used as their work is filmed for review. Each student will be able to work with published film scripts and directed in commercials and scenes in front of the camera. Each camper will have an opportunity to review their work on film and critiqued by the director. "Voice over" training will also be included for radio spots. Script analysis, film blocking and audition techniques are all major components addressed in this exciting class.

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