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The Acting Camp

  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Camp Type: Family
  • Age of Campers: 7 - 17
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 2009

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1. Educate up & coming actors & parents about the tools needed to succeed
2. Give young actors direct Exposure to top casting directors in the business
3. Always focus on keeping the actors and parents Entertained

When parents and their children are introduced to the entertainment industry there are many grueling and intimidating lessons to be learned. Without the proper guidance and training an actor’s career can be tainted from day one. The Acting Camp (TAC) focuses on educating children about the craft of on-camera acting and informing parents about the proper steps to take to ensure a successful and professional career path. TAC’s team of industry professionals dedicates their infinite knowledge and advice to all camp attendees. Over the course of this program, the kids participate in scheduled acting programs, covering essential acting tools such as on-camera auditioning, cold reads, monologue training, and improv sessions. While the kids are honing their acting skills, the parents are listening to and interacting with top Kid’s Agents and parents of working child actors. These industry insiders give the parents a crash course about the “business” side of show business. The Acting Camp supplies the parents with an abundance of essential industry knowledge, and gives the young actors the skills needed to have an edge over their competition and “book jobs”. Both kids and parents leave The Acting Camp fulfilled, excited, much more knowledgeable about the business and prepared for what lies ahead!


Undoubtedly, the most difficult part of the acting business is getting exposure to the top decision makers. Because of The Acting Camp’s inside connections to top agents, casting directors, and acting coaches, campers are given DIRECT exposure to the top tier of industry professionals. Both the parents and kids learn from these industry professionals, interact with them, and have the opportunity to pick their brains through a series of Q&A’s. On the final day of the camp, the kids perform prepared scenes in groups of four, in front of 10 of the top casting directors in tv and film from networks like Disney, Nickelodeon, CBS and CW. In a business where it’s all about “who you know”, TAC participants are instantly thrust into the top echelon of the entertainment industry, and will be on a first name basis with some of the most powerful decision makers in the world of television and film.

One thing we all have to understand, and something that has always been a driving force behind The Acting Camp, many of the actors starting out in this business are very young and impressionable. First and foremost, these are children, most of which simply just know how to be an everyday kid or teen. Entering one of the most competitive industries on the planet can be a big impact on a child’s life, not to mention the toll it can take on the parents. The Acting Camp is committed to the belief that the most effective method of keeping everyone entertained is by making the entire experience outright FUN! The strategy is to keep the parent seminars and kid’s acting sessions exciting and interactive, and to incorporate fun outdoor activities and physical exercises. In addition, all of the campers are given an ample amount of time to let loose, relax, make friends with the TAC staff and fellow attendees, and allow their creativity to run wild!

A Simple Breakdown of The Acting Camp
The Actor Experience

• The art of “booking an audition”
• On-Camera Technique
• Improvisation
• Cold readings
• Monologues
• Scene Study
• Commercial/Theatrical Auditions
• Voice (accents, singing, projecting, enunciating)
• Movement
• Slating
• Showcase Performance

The Parent Experience

• Agents & Parents in the Biz Seminars
• Branding your child
• The importance of knowing where your child fits in the industry
• Understanding your child’s success is a “team” effort (reading the publications, what “not” to do)
• Know that you’ll have expenses and what those expenses will be
• Work permit and Coogan account
• Keeping your expectations at a reasonable level
• Don’t step on your agents’ toes
• Learning that the industry has a very high level of competitiveness, and the most effective way for a parent to deal with this
• Housing options (Valley, Oakwood Apt, Westside, Hollywood, pros and cons)
• Headshot and Resume
• Online presence (Backstage West, Breakdown Services, IMDB, LA Casting, Personal Website)

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