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Trail Blazer Camps

  • Montague, NY
  • Camp Type: Overnight, Day
  • Age of Campers: 3 - 16
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1887
  • Accreditations: 1

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Adventure Based Programming

While we believe that camp should be fun, people are often surprised when we say that fun is not our main goal.  Instead, every aspect of our program is geared toward our mission—to develop the character and impact the personal growth of our participants. Of course, there is plenty of fun along the way!


Trail Blazers was a founding program in experiential and outdoor education and continues to build on these foundations in our sleep away and our day camp programs.


Without modern distractions like TV, Internet, or cell phones, children become open to new experiences. They learn to develop their own abilities and rely on the support of their community. They unleash their creativity and find themselves accomplishing what they never thought possible. Our Summer Outdoor Experiential Education Program is designed to include education of all kinds to help our campers keep a sharp mind, while having the summer of a lifetime!

We offer these experiences in our residential sleep away program, as well as in our day camp program. Each program takes place on a dedicated site on each side of our 50 acre lake.


Sleep Away Camp

All campers participate in a wide variety of activities - ultimately each group will prepare for a final adventure - groups choose between a Mountain bike Adventure, Survival Hiking Adventure, Rock Climbing Adventure or Canoeing Adventure.

At Trail Blazers, children live in family-like groups of nine children and three group leaders at each campsite. Campsites include four canvas-covered shelters, a covered table for rainy day projects, a latrine that is cleaned daily, and a campfire circle. Rustic living conditions present new challenges and opportunities. Campers develop pride in their accomplishments and close bonds with group members and leaders. In a short time, camp feels more like home and the group more like a family.



Meals at Trail Blazers are healthy and delicious and served family style. They are as integral to the program as our many other exciting activities.  All members of the community are expected to try everything that is served. Through camp songs and other traditions, meal time also serves as an opportunity for building group identity and a sense of community. Throughout the day, most activities are experienced as a group and group members often cooperatively design the activities. Group activities include poetry, nature discovery, candle-making, and boating.  Groups dedicate time each week to developing outdoor living skills through environmental education, outdoor cooking, backpacking, and nature craft.  Almost every day, children receive swim instruction and free swim time at our 55-acre lake. They also participate in boating, canoeing, and fishing, all supervised by certified lifeguards.



Two weeks into the session, each group participates in an overnight trip, called “Vagabond.” The Vagabond is a trip by foot, bike or canoe and a  chance for campers to use the skills they have developed, test the bonds they have formed with their group members, and achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment. These trips vary in length depending on the age of the campers, and are frequently the highlight of the Trail Blazers experience.


Trail Blazers Day Camp

In our day camp program, campers will have access to miles of hiking trails, a 50-acre lake for American Red Cross swimming and boating, a library, an art center, camp fire sites, teambuilding courses and more. We offer award winning academic enrichment as an essential part of the program. In our diverse programs, campers will investigate ponds and streams, go on hikes to discover trees and animals and learn all about living and surviving in the great outdoors.



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