Jump into action at fitness summer camps, where kids from elementary to high school will enjoy active exercises that will improve their endurance and strength.

Leap into activities that are a little rough and tumble for kids who have a lot of... see more »

Jump into action at fitness summer camps, where kids from elementary to high school will enjoy active exercises that will improve their endurance and strength.

Leap into activities that are a little rough and tumble for kids who have a lot of energy. Fitness camps can range the gamut of organized sports, from basketball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey to track and field, flag football, golf and softball. Whether your children are swinging a bat, landing a triple lutz on the ice, or shooting a two-pointer, campers will hone their team-building skills, learn self-discipline, and realize the most safe and effective ways to nurture their growing bodies.

Immerse your kids in outdoor activities, perfect for campers who aren't big on team sports. Fitness camps can offer endless adventures such as kayaking to backpacking, encouraging independence and teaching children survival skills they can take with them as they grow older. Fitness campers will push their bodies to the limit and feel the reward of a good night's rest. Whether kids are camping in a beautiful wooded area or rock climbing rugged formations, it won't take long to bring their heart rate up and get their spirits soaring.

Lose weight and make it a fun activity at one of many camps that focus on the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. Be it through aerobics or dance, children will be able to face the root of their insecurities head on and find a world of self-worth and encouragement in camps that put health over immediate or short-lasting results. As kids work on getting healthy mentally and physically, they may also have the opportunity to cook some tasty new recipes that they can bring home. Whether your little ones are in top form or looking to improve, it's never too early to instill a love for exercise and healthy lifestyle habits.

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