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383 Summer Camps in All Study Abroad and International Camps

383 Summer Camps in for "All Study Abroad and International Camps"

For the adventurous spirit, studying abroad may be just the ticket to an enhanced learning view and connections that will last a lifetime. Inspire your child as they fly off to faraway lands and stand before towering pyramids or peer up at the Eiffel... see more »

For the adventurous spirit, studying abroad may be just the ticket to an enhanced learning view and connections that will last a lifetime. Inspire your child as they fly off to faraway lands and stand before towering pyramids or peer up at the Eiffel Tower. With home stays and linguistic programs, your teenager will be speaking a new language in no time.

Dive into the rich world of cultural immersion. Whether your child has a strong interest in science, literature, languages, or photography, there are a variety of pre-college and academic programs available. Study abroad campers can stay in a dorm or with a host family, where they will begin to understand the nuances of cultural context and intercultural communication. Summer intensive programs provide the opportunity to experience a new world for as little as 4 weeks, and semester-long programs may offer to transfer credits towards their diploma or even count towards college. With SAT prep programs and even admissions guidance, teens will have a chance to get ahead of the curve.

Encourage physical development with active study abroad camps in exotic locales such as New Zealand and Australia, where kids ride the white rapids, kayak down tranquil waters, or surf until the sun sets. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the opportunity to go on hiking or camping trips in different countries, encouraging a sense of teamwork, leadership, and self-reliance. If you're worried about sending them to another continent, consider exchange programs in different cities in the United States, where they'll have a change of pace without the long distance phone calls.

Immerse your children in study abroad environments where they will emerge more equipped to deal with unfamiliar situations and adjust to major life changes. Study abroad campers will also have the ability to expand their palate and discover different ways of life. Cooking classes are the perfect setting for both cultural and linguistic immersion, where learning how to sauté onions or make pasta from scratch will blossom with time. With all the options available, your kids will feel like they got the most of their experience with a newfound confidence towards the unknown.

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Sias Summer Camp

Xinzheng, China

Discover China, study Mandarin, meet kids from around the world, share your life, have a ball. Life changing trip at an incredible price.

LanguBridge - On Campus Summer Chinese Immersion

Beijing, China

Fully supervised Summer Language Immersion Program in Beijing, hosted on university campus. Courses are accredited and transcripts are issued. Live on campus premium dormitory.

Summer Camps in China

Beijing, China

This is a 21-day exclusive language and cultural study tour, where you will learn the language and culture of China in the most exciting city in China and the world! 21 days of memories that will last

Camp Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Camp Korea runs winter and summer camps for Korean students studying English in South Korea. We require English language instructors for our upcoming 2006 summer camp from 22 July - 20 August.

English Summer SA International Schools

Vallclara, Spain

ENGLISH SUMMER S.A. is a family run company, dedicated to teaching English to foreign students. It was founded by Mrs. Margaret Mary Wright, in 1980.

Volleyball Tours to Europe

Rome, Italy

Come join us on our 2 week volleyball tour to Europe. Playing volleyball against local teams, sightseeing in some of the most famous cities in the world.

Oxford Royale Academy

Oxford, United Kingdom

ORA is a summer school company that runs academic and sporting programs for international students in the magical setting of Oxford, United Kingdom.


Seville, Spain

Improve your Spanish communication skills by "living the Spanish language and culture" firsthand in the south of Spain. Total immersion program of Spanish classes, activities, family homestays, and tr

Where There Be Dragons

Boulder, CO

Dragons programs are rugged and authentic journeys that explore the cultural and physical beauty of developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Where do you want to go?

The International Summer School of Scotland

St Andrews, United Kingdom

Discover the experience of a lifetime! Combine learning, fun-filled enrichment, unique culture and action-packed adventure in the historic and breathtaking royal burgh of St Andrews.

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