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I live outside of the United States but want to work there this summer, what do I need to do first?


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Mar 7, 2011, 5:58 PM

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I live outside of the United States but want to work there this summer, what do I need to do first? Can't Post

In order to work for most of the employers listed on, the camps located in the United States, you will need to have the appropriate work visa. The most common is the J-1 Visa. There are two different types of the J-1 Visa. The Work & Travel Program allows you to work temporarily in the U.S. in guest service positions. The other allows you to work at a summer camp as a camp counselor. The qualifications for these visas vary depending on your country of residence.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: You will need to contact an agency and go through the process of obtaining your work visa BEFORE you apply to employers listed on Most employers will NOT review your application unless you have done so.

It is difficult for international applicants who do not have a J-1 work visa to be employed in the USA.

The following are lists of sponsoring agencies you can contact to begin the process of obtaining your J-1 Visa. There are costs involved in obtaining a J-1 Visa.

J-1 work & travel visa

Alliances Abroad
Apex USA
Association for International Practical Training
Basic Work (Brazilian-American Student Internship)
Council on International Educational Exchange
Cultural Homestay International
Student Work Abroad Program (For Canadians)

J-1 camp counselor visa

Camp America
Camp Counselors USA
Cultural Homestay International
International Camp Counselor Program - YMCA
International Counselor Exchange Program

(These agencies may also be able to help you obtain a J-1 if you want to work as support

staff in a camp.)


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