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Planting the Seed for Environmental Responsibility at Summer Camp


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Apr 14, 2009, 1:21 PM

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Planting the Seed for Environmental Responsibility at Summer Camp Can't Post

It doesn't have to take a large budget or a good amount of time to make an immensely positive impact on our environment. All of the "little things" we do adds up! A first big step is to make an effort in being more aware of our actions and the results due to those actions. Once we are conscious of our own duties to Mother Earth, it is a matter of simple changes to our actions. These actions will, in turn, change our habits which will then eventually be incorporated into and become the lifestyle we live.

There are many small actions and rules you can implement at your own camp to be more green:

  • Implement a recycling program: Have recycling bins right next to trash cans. Teach your campers what materials can be recycled. You can even have a contest to see which team or cabin has recycled the most during their stay.

  • Plant trees or make space for a garden: You can have campers take ownership of this by letting them name their own tree or have their own space to plant flowers they are responsible for.

  • Update lights and water fixtures: If your budget allows, change your lights to energy saving bulbs and add water reducing fixtures (ie. In your toilets).

  • Lights out! Encourage everyone to turn off the lights if they are not in the room. You can even plan activities you can do in the dark: flashlight activities, creating candle holders that older children can see by lighting candles, creating paper cut outs that you can place a light between to see the shapes project onto the walls, etc

  • Discovery Zone: Your outdoor camp is one of the best places to teach children about nature and the importance of respecting and preserving the life around them. Go for hikes and point out animals and different plants; give children binoculars, a magnifying glass, or jars to help explore; or you can have items already collected to show.

  • Re-use: Arts and Crafts: Use items you might already have in your camp or have used in another project to create recycled, nature or garden crafts. View some of these craft ideas in

  • Paper, plastic or neither? Instead of using papertowels, use cloth towels or old clothes to clean up messes or dry wet hands. Use re-useable material when you can (dishes, glasses, storage bins).

    Not only will you do your part in reducing your ecological footprint, you will also teach your campers environmental responsibility through active participation. You will be planting the seed within future generations to continue this positive change.
    Charisse Formanes
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