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Emphasize the Importance of Lifting Brake on Crane



Mar 14, 2016, 1:47 AM

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Emphasize the Importance of Lifting Brake on Crane Quote | Reply

Kfcrane has formed strong and comprehensive innovative system with complete set of advanced equipments and large-scale production ability in the fields of mechanic procession, thermal treatment, soldering, assembly, test, measuring, packing and delivery. Main products include more than 200 types of products of 9 series such as bridge crane, gate crane, port machine, electric hoist and steel structure which are widely applied in machinery, metallurgy, power, water conservation and utilization and port industries. The company has agencies in almost 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions which combines sales and service together and products are also sold to Russia and other countries and regions in Central Asia, South Asia and Africa.

Lifting Brake introduction
Our lifting motor equipped with magnetic disc brake. The brake is installed in the end of motor, the motor brake is automatically closed when the motor without power to prevent the loading slipping. The brake clearance is no need to make manual adjustment after the first set(by the brake springs the clearance adjust itself), when the brake pad thickness is less than the set value, the additional switch can alarm automatically to remind the user replacing it. The magnetic disc brake imported from Germany is safe and reliable, its braking frequency can be up to one million in the safety using cycles without maintenance.Brake mounting dimensions and braking torque parameters meet JB / ZQ4388-1997 standards, technical requirements in line with JB / T6406-2006 standards.You can set additional functions zo (see brake additional menu}.Conditions of use: Ambient temperature: -20oC ~ 50oC;surroundings not have flammable, explosive and corrosive gases in the working environment, or should use anti-corrosion product air relative humidity less than 90%.According to safety regulations, Sinokocranes Inc. use the brake which braking torque is not less than 1.8 times the rated motor torque.
Advantages of KFCRANE lifting motor
? Moving fast, high reliability
? Maintenance-free, self-adjustment
? Dust proof design, long life

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