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Nov 9, 2010, 12:59 PM

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China camp

Kids will have a great time anywhere there are other kids to befriend. Once you know the type of camp you want, i.e. art, music, academic, etc., you must consider the safety and security of the facilities, and cleanliness (you donít want your child to get sick!). This is where you have to know the facts of my daughterís experience with Sino Language Gateway in China. We know the sanitary standards of other countries may not be comparable to home, and donít expect a lot from school dormitories. Having said that, my daughterís room was run with roaches. She and her roommate bought traps to lay all around the room, but then there were dead roaches lying around. Both girls and most of the other campers got sick from the meals, but luckily brought medicine from home and enough money to purchase their own food from street vendors and local eateries. At night, the doors were chained and locked Ė from the outside! The children were locked inside, with no way out if there was a fire or emergency, unless someone (who?) unchained the doors. I only learned of this after a girlfriend who lives an hour away tried to stop in to visit the girls one night.
When picking your childís camp, you really have to be so careful. I thought I did the research finding a good camp, but the unexpected shocked me that such a camp is allowed to exist. Iím just thankful nothing tragic happened.

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