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Mar 7, 2007, 5:05 AM

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Re: [teresita.thomas] 1st time overnight camper

Hi Terri,

I live just over in Indiana. I highly recommend Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert in Lake Hubert, Minnesota. I was a counselor there for 3 years, now my niece attends the traditional camp, and my family attends the family camp held in August (my daughter is just four, but she'll go to traditional camp when she's old enough). Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are brother/sister camps, across the lake from one another, with Camp Lake Hubert being the girls camp. They are nearly 100 years old and are considered one of America's premiere summer camps. Campers choose from over 30 land and water activities. The cabins are very modern with electricity, toilets, and running water. Camper to staff ratio of 3:1. Last year, campers came from 40 states and 10 countries, with the staff coming from even more places. More campers come from Illinois then any other state outside of Minnesota. The website is also, you can give Bill Jones a call in the camp office and he could give you some names of camp families for references in Chicago. Please feel free to email me as well.

Thanks and good luck,


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