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UK camper - visas/travel?

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Jan 19, 2009, 5:04 AM

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UK camper - visas/travel?

My son wants to go to summer camp in the US this summer, but we are based in the UK. I have searched and searched and searched, but can;t find out if children going to camp from the UK need a visa for travel.

Does anyone have any solid information (preferably from the US immigration/us embassy) about what we need please? Or do any directors have any experience in this please?

I think he can travel under the visa waiver programme, but I'm not certain....

thanks for our help


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Oct 27, 2009, 9:47 AM

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Re: [tkwilson99] UK camper - visas/travel?

I Tom,

I know this isn't really what you asked....but have you thought about sending your son to camps in England?

We recently sent ours to sports camps run by Let Me Play ( a company that specialise in running elite sports camps) and it was truelly excellent. Might save you the hassle of visas/flights etc.

Just a thought