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The importance of family outtings

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Sep 26, 2005, 1:20 PM

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The importance of family outtings

I have moved up to Arkansas about a year ago and found some wonderfull outdoor places camps, rivers, lakes, caves and abundant wildlife. It is awsome. I asked my father to bring my younger brother up for a canoe trip at the Buffalo river. They came around June and the first thing i noticed was my brother brought his play station game with him and when he found out he wasn't going to get to use he thru an absolute fit. the whole time we were on our trip he pouted and bellyached about being tired and hungry wanting to watch TV and play his game it was pretty sad. I was talking to my Dad about it later on that night and he mentioned that when i was a young boy he had alot more time and we were always going on camping and canoeing trips together. i never became dependent on indoor activities and never lost respect for mother nature. i just wanted to stir up some discussion about getting back to nature with our children I know my 11 month old will be brought up that way here in northwest arkansas. if you would like to plan a great family trip you can get links to almost everything in Arkansas at this address. Thanks your replies will be appreciated!

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