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Movement at Summer Camp


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Feb 23, 2009, 3:32 PM

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Movement at Summer Camp Can't Post

With its pull on our body, the principle of gravity tells us that we should be falling-- consistently and often. The reason we don't is because our body muscles work together adjusting and readjusting to keep us upright. In fact, we are so good at this seamless, fine tuning that some of us can even do it our sleep-- sleepwalking.

When it comes to camp, your staff, campers and parents are all parts of the collective camp body. Everyone’s interaction with each other is often fluid and dynamic --one day can be the epitome of utopia, while another day can be the ultimate beginning of a world war. The challenge is to get this elaborate web of individual, mingle mangle to come together and create a large camp body working with, and towards, a common purpose. The success and movement of the camp as a whole will be due to the delicate intricacies and collaboration between all parts. The constant fine tuning and adjustment between relationships and objectives will help keep your camp from failing and ensure it stays “upright.”

If the body falls ill, we acquire internal adaptation or even external support (crutches/wheelchairs) to stay mobile. As you finish staffing for this summer, what sort of support mechanisms do you have in place if you end up encountering a debilitating issue at camp? What sort of activities do you have to foster group cohesion? What sort of training are you providing your staff to handle disputes between themselves, campers or parents? These are great safety nets and healthy investments to keep your program running as smooth as possible.

Remind your staff of the goal of your camp. They, as individuals, should be able to cohesively work together to uphold your camp principles. Happy staff and happy campers make for a healthy functioning body, which results in a great camp experience. And remember: positive reinforcement every day, keeps the doctor away!
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