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Ensuring A Healthy Camp Experience


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May 11, 2009, 5:19 PM

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Ensuring A Healthy Camp Experience Can't Post

The MobilizeYouth program is a multi-component program for overweight youth and teens, 7-16 years, who eat poorly. Going into our 4TH ANNUAL BOOT CAMP IN JULY, there is much to share with parents who have a child with low self-esteem and who spends little time in physical activity; hasn’t the interest or stamina to ride a bike or play sports; sneak eats and overeats - all of which trigger nagging on the part of parents.

An inactive, overweight, unmotivated child or teen (7-16years) who attends the MobilizeYouth fitness and nutrition camp learns what it means to be healthy, feel good and be fit. It may be a bit of a shock at first, but passionate and supportive coaches work hard to instil in kids a love of being active through 6 ˝ hour days! Hiking with the Bruce Trail Association, city-wide hikes; a regular fitness regimen (weight training, cardio circuit, spinning and aerobic exercises, aquafit) and sports skills development foster terrific results. Weight loss, reduced inches and self-confidence are restored for almost every kid.

Through the nutrition program, guidance is given to families on optimum daily lunches. Everyone is in excellent shape once the month is over having gained a head start to the school year at the top of his/her game. This experience is long-term gain for a child, one which will last well into the teen and young adult years.

Lifestyle change does not happen overnight. Ongoing maintenance through the MobilizeYouth after school and weekend program leads to further weight loss especially when parents follow MobilizeYouth’s meal planning guidelines and where there is a strong commitment to the 3x-weekly fitness sessions. That is when we see real progress.

The objective of the MobilizeYouth program is to establish new attitudes and a positive mindset by opening up a healthy world to young people. One month of the MobilizeYouth boot camp or the September to June sessions can make a real difference to an overweight child’s life.

Camp Directors are responsible for ensuring that the total camp experience is a healthy one for campers. And this means putting thoughtful care regarding into what kids will be eating for a month or two months. It is no longer feasible to serve high carb, high salt, no fibre foods just because of the numbers: the excuse being that camps have to feed hundreds of kids and the cost will skyrocket if it means changing the dietary needs of campers. Taking some leadership on this issue would be better appreciated and regarded by all parents.

Parents can write up to $500 through the Children’s Physical Activity Tax Credit and through nutrition counselling benefits at work.

Visit: or,
Tour: The Columbus Centre

Or call Dina Lieberman at 416-294-4356

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