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Money Isnít Everything . . . Summer Camp Jobs Have Enormous Benefits


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Jun 8, 2009, 10:11 AM

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Money Isnít Everything . . . Summer Camp Jobs Have Enormous Benefits Can't Post

Well run camps enrich the lives of children and young leaders. There are not many organizations that can honestly make such a claim.

Summer camps provide students with opportunities and career training that they would not otherwise have. Camps hire, train and provide on-gong coaching to students who are interested in careers in education, social work, athletics, sports and recreation, health-care, child-care, hotel management, outdoor and environment, tourism, and health and safety.

Camps generally hire students who are young and do not have previous work experience or work references. Camps will therefore provide extensive training, and will obtain references from teachers, clergy, or neighbors.

Young leaders with physical or emotional disabilities can thrive in a welcoming and supervised camp environment. ESL students can enhance and develop their use of the English language by working in a recreational environment with other students and children.

Students struggling with obesity are much better off with a summer job that is not sedentary but instead provides the opportunity for an active, healthy summer, with participation in dynamic, adventurous activities. A quality camp program will inevitably instill the values of healthy eating and active living. The documented benefits of increased activity and good nutrition are numerous, including increased longevity, reduced risk of illness and chronic diseases, psychological well-being, promotion of social skills, increased school and work performance and productivity, higher academic achievement, and overall health improvements. Premium quality camps are likely to see themselves as playing a vital role in helping to combat obesity and correct this dismal situation.

Students from areas of high youth unemployment could definitely benefit from this work experience rather than working in retail stores or fast food restaurants.

Responsible camps will take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of the student employees. Students will likely be required to learn about occupational health and safety policies and procedures, and will receive on-going health and safety training. As part of their responsibility as leaders, students will be required to share in and be accountable for the overall safety and responsibility for occupational health and safety. They will learn about the rights of workers, the right to participate in the process of identifying and resolving workplace health and safety concerns, the right to know about any potential dangers or hazards to which they may be exposed, the right to refuse work that they believe is dangerous to either their own health and safety or that of another worker, and the right to stop work that is dangerous.

Camps are notorious for providing high-quality, career-related summer jobs whereby students are encouraged, supported, guided and coached by experienced supervisors, such as qualified teachers, social workers, and nurses, who will work closely with them to develop and enhance their skills, improve their performance, boost their confidence and maximize their potential. Pre-camp staff training, on-going dialogue, setting clear expectations, and providing frequent performance feedback are all part of a campís mentoring program.

Working in a respectful camp environment will be a beneficial investment in their future Ė their continued education and future employment.

Students will receive meaningful, career-related training and work experience in accountability, child development, coaching, communication (oral, written, listening skills,) communication technology, community service, confidentiality (privacy laws,) conflict management / conflict resolution, creativity, customer service, dedication, embracing diversity, flexibility, goal setting, group dynamics, health and safety, initiative, marketing, motivation, organizational skills, performance evaluations / accepting and providing feedback, personal management skills, positive attitude, priority setting, problem assessment, problem solving, program planning, recognizing others, reference building, respect, responsibility, skill development, teamwork, trust, workplace health and safety.

Many students have incredible leadership potential and with the right training, they could be directed into continued education and training for professions that are rewarding and meaningful.


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