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Need name ideas for camp sessions for theatre camp


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Jan 20, 2012, 6:52 PM

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Need name ideas for camp sessions for theatre camp Quote | Reply

I direct a youth theatre company's summer camp program. We're currently trying to come up with some new more creative names for each of the summer camp sessions...but I haven't come up with anything good, so I need ideas. Here's the camps that are in need of good names:

Musical theatre camp: for ages 8-18 where students learn about acting, signing, dancing, and perform in a musical. This has always just been called "Musical Theatre" but something more creative would be great.

Comedy theatre: Camp for ages 11-18 where students learn about comedic acting, as well as other aspects of theatre like directing, designing, play writing etc. I don't like the name "Comedy Theatre" at all, I feel like it's not nearly good enough to encourage people to sign up.

Younger children's camp, previously called "Young Actors Camp" but hasn't been done in a few years, so we're not sure what to name it. The camp is for ages 5-10 and the kids will learn about acting, as well as a little bit about other aspects of theatre, and perform a "light" musical that is a short children's play with a few songs thrown in. We would like a name that someone reflects all this.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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