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??? Eastern in the Pines, NC ???


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Dec 26, 2014, 4:57 AM

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??? Eastern in the Pines, NC ??? Quote | Reply

Hallo, my name is Michael Siegers and I hope to renew the contact to a couple of lost friends (councelors).

I spent the summer 1989 working as a Special Needs Councelor at a summer camp in North Carolina. The name of the camp was 'Eastern in the Pines'. I am not able to recollect the location nor do I have any contacts relating to the camp or the counselors / guests I worked with / for. - (At that time my english knowledge was rather limited, we all were young and not yet settled and keeping in touch by writing letters somewhat bothersome.)

Does anyone know the camp (it's likely 1989 was the last year the camp took place), the funding institution or the persons who had been responsible for prep and organisation. If so, please ask her/him to contact me via [email protected]

May be that person is able to provide me with the contact information of some of the counselors. I still haven't lost hope to get in touch again to some of those decent people.



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