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Aug 14, 2015, 12:13 PM

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Welcome to abroadeasy! Quote | Reply

We are your one-stop site to help you surmount the peaks of your education. This is the site where you can access all different types of courses to help develop and improve your individual global awareness, from summer and winter camps, ESL classes and even work & travel extension schools. It only starts from here.
Abroadeasy was created as a way to help international travelers search for more meaningful advancement opportunities that allow them to visit the US without being just another tourist.
We don’t just stop with the education programs… What about your free time. Sure you’ll be busy with the camps and internships that we offer, but we all have to blow off steam sometime. We here at abroadeasy also tie in the things that aren’t necessarily part of your “educational experience” but we’ve been through it. So we help find you information on local housing, general knowledge of the area and even some cultural exchanges. This is all in a passionate effort to truly immerse you into a new culture. We hope that when you return home you have gained experiences that give you a leg up when you go on to tackle your next mountain.
• What are benefits for U.S. organization to use AE
o Ease of access, U.S. organizations don’t have to hassle with a Chinese recruiters and, who they don’t know and can’t truly verify what the recruiter is doing or saying to get prospects enrolled.
o Increase your own brand recognition by putting your own brand in front of the international audience. Have the opportunity to join our marketing opportunities in China. In the end you can control what and how they are advertised.
o Great technology platform to track your students application process, analyze your program popularity, revenue etc.
• What are benefits for China customers to use us
o We simplified the abroad program booking experience easy like online grocery shopping, provided the most complete yet only needed info to get the most fit program for you, learn about the abroad life ahead.
o You have the ability to interact with our AE expert abroad support team, you will be able to get all the information you need, you can book online by following the easy application process. So you can sit back begin the count down for your amazing trip to start.
o With transparent online business model, all program prices are set by the providers themselves in the U.S. side, no crazy layers of middle man costs. This will make abroad programs truly affordable for everyone
• Our team & team culture
o The team comes together with our commitment to further learning and inspiring people like us who embrace the culture difference and grow into international talent.
o We are a team of internationals who dare to dream and make them come true. We challenge to revolutionize things that did in the old way to adopt a tech era way.


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