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BUYER BEWARE!! Raquette Lake


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Nov 4, 2015, 4:11 PM

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BUYER BEWARE!! Raquette Lake

You may hear that Raquette Lake Camp is is difficult to get into, so prestigious and has a waiting list . But that is not the case and I'm hear to tell you my disheartening and disappointing story and hopefully save someone . Two months before the season began, for the summer of 2014, we decided to explore sending our son, David. After the owner of the camp, fast-talking, Eddie Lapidus, visited our home and strongly encouraged our son to attend despite his in-trepidation of him never having been away from home. Eddie insisted that this was the perfect time and that David was the perfect age .We felt the timing was off and that our son was too young. When asked what would happen if David was homesick and fast and smooth talking Eddie quickly replied that if he is homesick and not having fun, then we are doing something wrong. We thought that was a good answer and against our better judgement and intuition decided to go for it.

Within 2 days, David was telling us he was not having a good time and wanted to come home. On the third day, he hurt himself and needed to see an Orthopedist. He was taken home the following day never to return that summer.

Subsequently, Mr Smooth, Eddie Lapidus apologized for ours and Davids experience and were told David is welcome back anytime for a summer of fun at no cost(other than to buy new clothes which is fully reasonable and understandable).We did not pursue any type of refund or litigation based on the trust Mr Smooth had instilled in us(and stupidly on our part, never got anything in writing). Noting this is no cheap camp... the cost of the camp is $12,310.00, plus $2,000.00 for Raquette Lake clothing for 7 weeks. When we recently called to let Eddie know our son would like resume camp for the summer of 2016, we were told that we would only have a credit of $6,000.00, take it or leave it, and a lot more fast-talking. Where I come from, sticking to your word and a fine reputation are 2 of the most important characteristics a person can have. Apparently Mr Smooth comes from a totally different place. It's not as if we were trying to use the credit for a niece or nephew, or even one of our other children 6 or 7 years later, but solely for our son for whom he had promised a year and a half ago.

I want to send my son to a camp where I can trust that my most prized possession is well cared for and his best interests are always on top of the list.I now know and feel that the only thing on top of Mr Smooths list is the bottom line. His variable cost of adding one more child to his summer roster is pennies on the dollar, and someone who can't make good on a promise and honor a deal they made as simple as this should not be trusted. These are not the values or ethics we want to teach our son or expect from a camp that claims to perpetuate a philosophy of “responsibility,” “sportsmanship” and “acceptance.”

Expensive lesson learned....BEWARE OF MR SMOOTH!!


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