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Summer Camp for Kids with Learning Disabilities


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Jun 14, 2005, 11:51 AM

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Summer Camp for Kids with Learning Disabilities Can't Post

He was nervous when he crept on the swim docks.

'What was he doing here,' he wondered? He vaguely recalled something about a swimming test.

The waterfront instructor was perplexed.

He was always late, and he never coughed up a good excuse.

He knew what was expected but then he'd forget.

'Oh, yeah - the test!' he remembered.

Getting through tests - even simple ones - could torment him.

He was incapable of standing still - fidgeting, pumping his legs, staring all around.

The worst part was holding back; restraining himself from - WHAT?

He could embarrass himself: talking out loud, interrupting conversations - something humiliating - anti-social.

Learning disorders are often:

• misunderstood

• misdiagnosed

• undiagnosed

Slowly, the public has changed. Terms like:

• dyslexia

• attention deficit disorder (ADD)

• attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

- have entered into public discourse and are addressed by social workers, teachers, and summer camps.

Many of these camps are specialized Learning Disabilities and ADHD Camps.

But, all camp directors need to recognize the presence of kids with learning disabilities.

According to the ACA Trend Fact Sheet – ADHD affects 3 to 5% of the children in the USA. (Scroll down to end of Child and Youth Statistics)

Camp directors need to be equipped with a basic knowledge of learning disorders.

Many campers with learning disorders arrive at camp with medication.

Properly-administered medication can dramatically change their lives.

Camp owners can help –

• detail campers’ medication in their health record

• speak with the camp doctor or nurse and with staff members

• speak personally with the learning disabled camper

• speak with parents before camp

It's great to know that kids with learning disabilities and their parents have options:

1) Specialized Learning Disabilities and ADHD Camps

2) Other camps, including Traditional Camps

Stephen Winbaum is the Communications Coordinator for
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