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How to increase your Search Engine Rankings



Dec 14, 2005, 8:59 AM

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How to increase your Search Engine Rankings Can't Post

As the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of , I receive questions such as:

• How did I elevate to the top of search engine results for thousands summer camp related keywords?
• What tips can I provide for camp websites on search engine results?

My background as an information systems specialist has made me a strong advocate of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which I consider both an art and a science. Although some definitive methods exist to increase rankings on search engines, there are several characteristics that all search engines look for when determining the relevance of a website.

Web savvy people know about the standard meta tags, keywords, spider food, and anchor text. But the new trend in calculating website page rank is reciprocal links . Because of its dramatic increase, camp owners and directors will benefit by utilizing reciprocal links to increase their rankings on major search engines.

A reciprocal link means: your website links to another website that links back to you.

All members have a link from our website, but they may not be linking back. Members that don't link back miss out on key criteria that search engines look for when accessing website rank. “You are who you link to,” is an oft-quoted industry phrase. S ummer camps need to link to other sites with related content and a higher page rank. is a well-known "authority" or “hub” site in the summer camp search industry due to:

• its large directory
• soaring traffic
• and high page rank

Because we already have a link to your site, when you add a link to our top-ranked summer camp directory, your results will improve on the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Linking to is easy. We have a dedicated page where you can copy and paste html code on your website to add a link to our site —

New content added on a regular basis is another means to increase your website's ranking on major search engines. Camp Scholar , a free monthly online installment of relevant and insightful camp content will assist camps. Highly-regarded camp professionals, Dr. Christopher Thurber and Randall Grayson, PhD, contribute regular online articles to Camp Scholar .

Your users will have access to steady content that will increase your rankings on search engines when you install Camp Scholar on your site. Also, Camp Scholar encourages visitors to return to your website to read new articles.

To add the Camp Scholar to your website visit:'s Link Exchange and Camp Scholar will add another dimension to your visibility on the Internet.

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