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How is the position of my camp in the directory determined?



Jan 15, 2004, 2:55 PM

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How is the position of my camp in the directory determined? Can't Post

Our algorithm takes into account the membership type (Camp Vision, Horizon, Value, Basic), listing types (Primary and Secondary Listings), Featured status, Priority status, New status, Popular status, Rating status and Camp Name.

1. Membership types Our higher profile membership types which have more features offer higher positions in our directory in the following order Camp Vision, Horizon, Value, Basic.

2. Listing types Each major camp organization which offers multiple camps has a single Primary listing and then subsequent Secondary listings. Primary listings are positioned ahead of Secondary listings so that for camps with multiple listings there is not a category spamming effect (ie. Multiple camps from the same organization listed in a row).

3. Featured status We offer camps the opportunity to have a Featured listing for an additional price.

4. Priority status Within each category we have the ability to upgrade the Priority of a camp for an additional price.

5. New status Camps which are newly added to our directory are displayed new at the top of their category for the first week they are online and then drop to their natural position based on our algorithm.

6. Popular status Based on the number of hits/leads a camp receives we calculate a Popularity score

7. Rating status We allow our members the ability to rate a camp from both our site and from the camps own website. You simply place a small amount of HTML code on your site which allows your visitors to rate your camp. At the present time this is one of the single most effective ways to improve your ranking.

8. Camp name - Alphabetical arrangement based on company name is the last factor which we use to sort the camps.
Evan A. Heltay

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