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Wanted! Great Summer Camp Counselors


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Apr 6, 2006, 4:53 PM

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Wanted! Great Summer Camp Counselors Can't Post

Summer camp counselors are one of the intangible aspects of every summer – young people with the responsibilities of supervising the every day lives of campers.

Successful summer camps have already filled their camper enrolment by utilizing popular online directories like But, often, the ranks of counselors are incomplete, leaving summer camp directors to hastily complete them.

Professional sports are an apt metaphor for the above dilemma. This month, Opening Day in baseball was inaugurated across the US and Canada. Teams with a complete roster will get off to a faster start and become contenders. But teams that couldn’t find an able utility infielder or a stalwart backup catcher, for example, could be in trouble as the season progresses.

The analogy holds true for the camp director who hires a specialist (waterfront, waterskiing, equestrian, for example) but overlooks a few critical certification qualifications due to rushed hiring prospects. When safety issues are compromised, liability problems, and parental complaints arise.

If, as a camp owner or director, you are still strapped for summer counselors and other employees, go to Job Fair. It’s a great online hot spot where employers post job availabilities and job seekers check out camp listings.

Also, check out these sites for more information on finding summer help.
  1. ACA Employment Center — Jobs at Camp
  2. Camp
  4. Canadian Counselling Association
Online solutions are faster than word of mouth or job fairs.’s Job Fair is a quick start to filling out your complement of summer camp counselors and employees.

Once you have gathered plenty of prospects, you will have more choices; you will be in a strong hiring position. But, consider the first principle of summer camp – safety. Summer camp directors must know if prospective employers have criminal backgrounds. You will need to do a background check for every person before they begin working for you, especially those not retained since previous summers. makes possible instantaneous online background checks through the development of Internet Background Checks. This affordable and essential service provides liability against negative situations that can arise at summer camp. Read Protecting Campers with for all the details.

Finally, I recommend The 5 Approaches to Counseling by Camp Scholar, Randall Grayson, Ph.D, as a training primer for your incoming summer counselors.

Now, where to find a switch-hitting pinch hitter, and a left-handed short reliever . . .

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