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Apr 11, 2006, 7:26 AM

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On April 22, will be honoring the 36th Anniversary of Earth Day. We share the concern about the important issue of climate change, and the growing apprehension that the greenhouse effect has on our planet.

Rallying with our 400 online
environmental camps, joins the millions around the world to protect the future of our planet.

Our environmental camps are spread across the continent and the world.

From North Carolina to California, and internationally, our environmental camps vary in scope but share the common goal of educating campers to live in harmony with nature.
  • Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Programs – involves campers in the rescue, treatment, and release of endangered marine animals, such as sea turtles. These programs provide education to campers in the deterioration of coastal habitats. The message — “Extinction is forever.”
  • Ocean Study Camps – bring oceanography to life through underwater explorations and the study of shorelines and sea life.
  • Nature Observation and Study Programs – Focus campers on an in-depth investigation of nature, including forests, fields, marshes, animals, plants, and earth formations.
  • Surf Camps – ‘Hey dude, catch a wave.’ Sounds like fun. But our surfing camps also take the environment seriously, protecting outlying camp lands from development.
  • World-Wide Programs – Teenagers engaged in these adventurous programs participate in underwater discoveries, sailing, eco-adventures, and academic credits.
  • Marine Academies – For students seeking discipline in a crew setting. A highly-evolved curriculum creates a school environment based on oceanography and marine mammal study.
The diversity of nature is a reason to celebrate on Earth Day, April 22. Take another look at the environmental camps of MySummerCamps. We’re part of the celebration!

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