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May 24, 2006, 6:00 AM

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Online Marketing with Can't Post

The times, they are a changing. To run a successful camp, you must change with them. The trend in online marketing is increasing yearly. Online directories are providing camps with a marketing solution that is 100% trackable. But there are other ways to utilize the internet to create a buzz about your camp. In this article I will outline an supplementary marketing method to online directories.

Todays youth are using the internet to communicate with friends around the world. One of the more popular communities,, received more that 47 million unique 12 - 20 year old visitors. As we all know word of mouth is the best way to get campers to come to your camp. Second to that is online camp directories but we will focus on word of mouth for todays article. The big question is how can we utilize the power of the internet, online communities, online marketing, and your existing campers to increase your enrollment. The answer is simple, is an online community used by almost all youngsters these days. A good way to advertise your camp is to create and account for your camp. Choose the camp director for example. Then create accounts for all your counselors which link to your camp account. Each counselor will ask their campers if they have a myspace account so they can link to eachother and keep in touch after camp ends. Your camp account and counselor accounts will have pictures of camp, stories of camp, you can start a camp blog

Each one of your campers who links to your counselor has 20 friends who are already linked to them. These 20 fiends will eventually check who is friends with their friend and find your counselor or camp account. This is where you draw them in. Each camper could post stories or conversations about what they did at camp.

This is word of mouth taken to internet level.

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