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Camp cancellation insurance


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Jun 6, 2006, 9:15 AM

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Camp cancellation insurance Can't Post

On occasion, a camper gets injured or sick shortly before camp. This can create an awkward situation wherein the family wants to be reimbursed and you, the Camp Director, could be left with an empty bunk. On one hand, you want to refund the family's money so that you can continue your relationship and have them as a supporter of your camp, now and in the future. Reputation is everything in the camping industry. On the other hand, you have already paid for counselors and equipment and if you lose a camperís tuition it can be a significant expense. is a cancellation and medical insurance policy that will protect both the camper and the camp. If a camper cannot attend camp because of travel complications or medical reasons, their tuition is fully refundable. This ensures that the family is happy and the camp is not out of pocket for their tuition.

The best part is that you can recommend this program for your camp families and not be involved whatsoever with the management of these insurance policies. We handle everything. Simply direct your camp families to, where they will complete the required documentation and purchase insurance that benefits their family and your relationship with the family.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about camp cancellation insurance please contact me at the number below.

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