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Aug 28, 2006, 11:32 AM

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All-Year Camp Can't Post

The winter's coming on, summer's almost gone!

It's true, summer officially ended on Labor Day, and summer camp will be fondly remembered throughout the school year.

But, summer camp owners can stay in business year round, if they want to maximize the return on their property.

Warm weather camps in the Sun Belt can create all-year programs for children, teens, and adults, that can be adventure-oriented, eco-educational, or diverse — mini-language camps, arts camps, theater and music, etc.

There are many opportunities to keep camp open and creating revenue through numerous cycles of the calendar year.
  • The Christmas Break
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Spring Break in March
— and the shorter 3-day holidays - Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Labor Day.

These are prime times to re-open and invite numerous guests to share camp facilities at a profitable rate.

Because of the cold winter, northern camps create more of a challenge, so camp owners will need to consider winterizing the dining hall and some of the cabins. But the rewards can be outstanding.

Summer hiking trails can be converted to winter Nordic skiing and snowshoe trails. Safe, enclosed water sites can be transformed into ice rinks for hockey, skating, and curling. An imaginative owner can turn camp into a winter sports haven with the proper investment and promotion.

Spring break is a great opportunity to lure kids away from party beaches to camps offering academic enrichment, religious teaching, spring sports, and performing arts. Many parents prefer these enrolment prospects as safe, learning experiences for their children.

Camps are a year-round opportunity. Professional groups like corporations and teachers can make use of them for conventions and get-a-ways. Many schools see them as special outdoor learning environments for school children and staff.
A caution: camps need down time too. It's a good idea to leave the campground people-free at times so it can return to its natural state, open to the next group of nature and activity lovers.

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