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Oct 14, 2004, 6:08 AM

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The Credibility Question Can't Post

The Credibility Question - PC WORLD April 2004-10-12

In a recent article, PC World addressed the question of reliability of information found on the web. How do you know the statistics they are giving you are trustworthy? When you are looking at camp directories, it is very difficult to decide which one is actually providing the best service. Often so many statistics go around it is hard to determine which are telling and which are meaningless. But there are two things to look for that can give you a real advantage in finding the information that is relevant to you.

First an important distinction: lots of companies talk about 'hits.' This is a technical term and it does exist, it's just meaningless. A 'hit' is a request from a computer to a server that manages a web page. Each piece of information is requested separately. Each file that your computer requests is a hit. So if you there are 20 pictures on a web page, then they will receive 21 "hits" every time someone views that page but in fact they are only receiving 1 visitor. When comparing sites make sure you are being offered relevant information. Request visitors not "hits".

So how does one get a reliable reading on the traffic to a website? PC World discussed this issue in an article entitled "The Credibility Question"

April, 2004, PC World stated " Alexa ( helps you identify a page's traffic, how long it has been online, and how many sites link to it, for example." These statistics are unbiased, free and available to the public. Alexa ranks each website for its visitor traffic, 1 being the highest or most trafficked. A second resource is a company called Metrics Market ( Metrics Market gives reliable statistics for monthly visitor traffic. Go ahead and try these sites out.

I'm confident that you'll find them both to be very valuable resources for determining which sites are the most visible online.

Evan A. Heltay


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