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Summer Camp Cancellation Insurance


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Jan 15, 2007, 12:52 PM

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Summer Camp Cancellation Insurance Can't Post

Last summer, Hagai Maidenberg,’s CTO, wrote an article: Camp cancellation insurance. Its basic premise was that parents pay for their children’s camping tuition, but occasionally, their children’s summers are terminated before or during camp.

Summer camp owners/directors are left in an uncomfortable situation: maintaining a good relationship with the family through a refund, but losing a bunk space and the costs for various administrative expenses.

Now, parents and summer camp administrators can meet in the middle through cancellation insurance.

Summer camp cancellation insurance (also called reimbursement insurance) provides summer camp administrators with the opportunity to purchase a block of insurance and individually transfer it as an essential add-on to campers’ tuition fees.

Sounds simple. But how do camp owners overcome objections to the extra tuition cost?

A sound method is to draw analogies to the types of insurance many parents purchase and see as essential. Start simply:
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance – Insurance that is very similar to summer camp insurance – an add-on fee covers travelers for loss of vacation, all or partial
  • Homeowner’s insurance – Financial compensation should one’s house be subjected to unexpected damage
  • Car insurance - Financial compensation for one's car and person and for other's cars and persons should one become involved in an auto accident
There are other types of insurance: life insurance, health insurance, etc. but the idea is to keep the analogy simple. When you keep it uncomplicated, parents will see the advantages of summer camp cancellation insurance.

If you find summer camp cancellation insurance to be a great idea, try

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